In the Netherlands 

Education and research

Wageningen University & Research Antarctica department

University of Groningen – Arctic Centre / Faculty of Science and Engineering / Faculty of Arts

University of Utrecht – Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (Ice and Climate)

Networks, associations and other

NWO Nederlands Polair Programma

Willem Barentsz Polar Network

IMAKA Polar Study Association Groningen – monthly hybrid lectures and polar newsletters (in Dutch)

Royal Norwegian Embassy in the Hague – actively organizes and participates in polar events. Norway is the Chair of the Arctic Council (2023-2025). 


APECS International and national committees

APECS International – International body of APECS. Many resources for early career polar scientists: events, job board, committees, project groups.

APECS Argentina 

APECS Belgium 

APECS Brazil 

APECS Bulgaria 

APECS Canada

APECS Chile 


APECS Colombia

APECS Denmark 

APECS France

APECS Germany – organizes events and has a great resources page for funding and fieldwork.

APECS Iceland

APECS Luxembourg

APECS Norway – organizes events and outreach. Great to contact when going to Norway or Svalbard for a field research.

APECS Malaysia

APECS Mexico 

APECS Oceania (New Zealand and Australia)

APECS Portugal 

APECS Russia

APECS Spain 

APECS Sweden

APECS Switzerland

APECS South Africa

APECS Türkyie

APECS Uruguay 

Indian Polar Research Network 

UK Polar Network


The EU in the Arctic


Networks, associations and other


Education and research

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) – Fellowship programmes and Medals (nominations)

The Arctic Institute Circumpolar security studies

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) – publishes articles on the Arctic governance and security

Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) – publishes research papers on the Arctic

Networks, associations and other

APECS International

Arctic Council – Arctic governance

European Polar Board

EU- PolarNet

International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO)


Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) – webinars, workshops, networking, early career scientist support

Migration in Harmony Research Coordination Network – webinars, workshops, incorporates frequently traditional knowledge in its network and more

International Maritime Organization (IMO) – SOLAS

Clean Arctic Alliance – Alliance of 22 non-profit organizations against the negative impacts of Arctic shipping


High North News – Arctic-focused news platform operating from Bodø, Norway